Movinfree is owned and operated by Kerri and Dave Mullis. In operation since 1993 Movinfree has served the horse community for over 18 years.

Movinfree is nestled in the hills above Fairbanks among open meadows, hay fields and hundreds of acres of boreal forest through which wind miles of ridable trails.

Many visitors have been heard to say that time just seems to stop here. Peaceful and quiet away from the city and traffic Movinfree has a rhythm of its own that appeals to young and old alike.

Whether you have a horse that you need to board or perhaps you are on a search for one that you can call "friend", Movinfree has opportunities for both as well as riding lessons and a western apparel and tack shop offering styles and accessories available no where else in the area.

Boarding in indoor stalls or outdoor paddocks which ever suits your steed is available here. Along with an indoor riding arena that extends the riding season into winter as well as during incliment summer weather (you know... rain?).

So, if you have ever dreamed of riding a horse or perhaps even having one of your own, Movinfree is your opportunity to make that dream a reality. Experience the world in a whole new way, on horseback. Our instructors are knowledgeable and experienced with riders of all ages. Just call or stop by. We'll show you around, pat a few noses and then... ya never know, you just might make a new friend.